Good morning, Five Minute Families. Most of us who were raised in the church have heard at some point, “Don’t run or play in the sanctuary.” We get to know the sanctuary as a room in the church building. But, truly what does sanctuary mean and how does that impact the five-minute family? For most… Continue Reading

Questions for Reflection

Good morning, Five Minute Families. This is our first devotional in 2024. As many are doing, we are taking this time to reflect back on last year and look forward to the new one. In years past, we have made different suggestions for families to have intentional discussions surrounding the newness concept. Last year we… Continue Reading

Demonstrating Emotions

Good morning, Five Minute Families. It is holiday season as we write this. Thanksgiving into Christmas into New Year’s. Numerous work events, family gatherings, and community parties get added into most of our already busy schedules. Stress hits its highest for many folks this time of year. And, many of us begin to feel overwhelmed,… Continue Reading


Good morning, Five Minute Families! Are you in the Christmas spirit, or do you have a touch of the bah-humbugs? Getting into the mindset can be a challenge if we focus on only what we want. Yet, if we choose to focus on our blessings, on our triumphs – no matter how small, and of… Continue Reading

It Takes a Village

Good morning, Five Minute Families. This weekend our church had a baby dedication for the new little ones in our church family. Please note that a baby dedication is not a baptism, so if you want more information about the difference, please let us know. But, as to something our pastor mentioned… “it takes a… Continue Reading

The Five Essential Needs

Good morning, Five Minute Families. Do you ever complicate an issue? Overthink it? Spend so much time thinking about it from so many angles that you lose sight of what’s important? We are to plan, yet, we are also to trust the Lord as Proverbs 16:9 states, “The heart of man plans his way, but… Continue Reading


Good morning, Five Minute Families. We are rolling into the holiday season as we celebrate Thanksgiving this week. A question that millions of us will be asked in just a couple of days will be “what are you thankful for?” Sometimes in life, we aren’t feeling very thankful. Our dad may have died, we may… Continue Reading

Grief and Gratitude

Good morning, Five Minute Families. We have replayed the three grief devotions that Kim wrote three years ago after the death of her stepfather in order to give our family time to grieve the loss of her father, Ken Willis. My father died almost a month ago. His philosophy was, “I’m a dad. That’s my… Continue Reading

Neuroplasticity and Transformation

Good morning, Five Minute Families. We are feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to begin the next seven weeks of a busy time here at CVR. We will be hosting all three of our organized programs during these weeks – grief retreat, family camp, and a marriage retreat, too. We feel God allowed the timing of… Continue Reading

Lazy or Restful

Good morning, Five Minute Families. We are Jim and Kim Nestle with Clear View Retreat. Our prayer for families is that they will draw closer to the Lord and build strong relationships with one another. One way we do that is by sharing some of what we share here at CVR with you through our… Continue Reading

Toilet Paper Rolls

Good morning, Five Minute Families. These past few weeks have definitely been different for our family. We know that God is in control, and He has a plan for us. Yet, I struggled a lot this week to think of an idea or topic for the Five Minute Family. And, then, I saw an empty… Continue Reading

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