Monthly Archives: February 2019

Spiritual Disciplines – Serving together

     A man who grew up being taken to church but who does not believe that God exists once told me, “If you live your life like the Bible says to, people will say you are a good person. The trouble is, if God exists, He knows your heart and that’s what He judges,… Continue Reading

Spiritual Disciplines – Family Worship

       God’s love is extravagant (link). How do you respond to His love?        An older woman’s husband died; it was a man she adored. After his death, her daughter-in-law stayed the night with her. Between bouts of crying and screaming, they slept. But, her DIL was awakened with praise and worship… Continue Reading

Spiritual Disciplines – On Your Knees

     When my two oldest boys were six and four years old, they disappeared from our backyard in Baltimore, MD. When we realized that they were gone, approximately ten minutes had passed since the last time I had seen them. That launched a 911 call, twenty-one adults (mostly strangers) leaving their jobs and homes,… Continue Reading

Spiritual Disciplines – A Cup of Tea

When I was a young mom, I struggled with getting up before my kids to have quiet Bible study time. I stopped kicking myself for not reading the Bible first thing in the morning (my oldest was awakening – on his own – at 5 am) and tried to read at another time. I asked… Continue Reading

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