Monthly Archives: February 2023


Good morning, Five Minute Families. We are going to do a two-part series about boredom. That’s right. Boredom. Boring. Bored. Now, we aren’t talking about the eight-year-old who isn’t allowed to be on his devices for the day so he goes around saying he is bored. We are going to talk about a bored family,… Continue Reading

Individual Serving

Good morning, Five Minute Families. Our church just had a missions Sunday. Kim and I were blessed to come share about God’s work here at Clear View Retreat. While we are much more comfortable chatting on the couch down at the Lodge than standing behind the podium, looking at the differences in the numerous people… Continue Reading

Being Helpful

Good morning, Five Minute Families. Thank you for joining us this morning. For the past three weeks we have discussed roles in the family – leadership, management, and child roles. Leadership is often discussed in terms of servant leadership. Managers that pitch-in and help out are often praised, considered more likeable and approachable. Kids of… Continue Reading

Roles – Children

Good morning, Five Minute Families. It is great to be with you again this morning for our third devotion about the roles of family members. We discussed the leadership and managing roles of the parents, but what roles do the children of the family play? First, let’s discuss what a child’s role is NOT. It… Continue Reading

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