Monthly Archives: November 2022

A Parent’s Goal

Good morning, Five Minute Families. So glad you are with us this morning. We are discussing parenting for a second week. Tying into the parenting behaviors and attitudes last week is a parenting analogy presented by Dr. Robert Kellemen. Each parent drew a dot on their notes. Next, around the dot, we drew a circle… Continue Reading

A Parent’s Role

Good morning, Five Minute Families! Parents, have you ever paused long enough to think about what your biblical role is in your child’s life? Not just your earthly role of feeding, cleaning, clothing, and teaching roles to avoid neglect, but truly, why did God put you together as a family? A role is defined as… Continue Reading

2 Corinthians 2

Good morning, Five Minute Families. Does your family have a habit of holding grudges? Of punishing a loved one when he or she does something that hurts them? Those patterns are not biblical or reflect Christ, my friends.  Join us as we discuss this important topic. We have discussed forgiveness before on the Five Minute… Continue Reading

Reckless Abandon

Good morning, Five Minute Families. Do you follow Christ with reckless abandon? What does that even mean? Are we suggesting you become religious fanatics? Nope. What does reckless abandon for Christ looks like in the family setting? First, let’s define our terms. Reckless means ‘without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action.’ So,… Continue Reading

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