Monthly Archives: April 2021

Welcome No

TRANSCRIPT:Good morning, Five Minute Families. Do you have grit? No, we don’t mean gritty floors or grit in your eye. We mean the character trait of perseverance, effort, and passion for a particular goal in life. Grit is the buzzword right now. It was once “stick-to-it-ness” or even simply resilience. Whatever you call it, one… Continue Reading

You and Y’all

TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families! Do your kids ask you to tell them jokes? What about riddles? Riddles are especially fun because of the play on words. How do you make a library bigger? How? Add another story. English grammar fascinates me. Word use and history, sentence structure and syntax. All of it. And,… Continue Reading


TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families. I saw a social media post the other day that said, “Fight FOR your family, not WITH your family.” That sentiment is one of the reasons we bring you this devotional spot each week. We want to empower you with practical skills and suggestions to better engage with your… Continue Reading

Seeing Then Believing

TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families. This past Sunday was Easter. We saw a video that used the forward and back way of describing Good Friday. The first reading forward exemplified the disillusion and confusion that the death of Christ brought to those who were observing, but the second reading backward put the truth of… Continue Reading

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