Monthly Archives: March 2020

Five Minute Family – Listening

TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families. While covid-19 concerns still abound, here at Clear View Retreat we are encouraged by hearing about the game nights, family dinners, puzzle times, and more. Families are spending less time arguing and more time building one another up. Instead of the attitude of “When life gives you lemons, squirt… Continue Reading

Five Minute Family – Spiritual Connection

TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families. Thank you for taking the next few minutes to reflect on God’s plan for the believing family. We are truly living in unprecedented times. The US has not seen closures and shortages to this scale in over seventy years when the world powers were at war with each other.… Continue Reading

Five Minute Family – Quarantine

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to the ‘Five Minute Family’ brought to you by Clear View Retreat, a family retreat ministry enlightening God’s relationship principles to families in both the ‘norms’ and ‘storms’ of life. Join us each week as we explore various aspects of family life. Today, we are tackling the quarantine blues. For the quarantines to… Continue Reading

Five Minute Family – Grief and Loss

TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families. Join us for the next five minutes as we explore God’s grace in the midst of our pain and hurts. And, for more information about our grieving family retreats, please click on the “Grieving Families” link under the “retreats” tab at our website: A week ago many fellow… Continue Reading

Five Minute Family – Five Minutes Alone

TRANSCRIPT: Clear View Retreat brings you this ‘Five Minute Family’ radio devotion to help in both the norms and storms of life. A Five Minute Family is one who is trying to choose God and His relationship principles, no matter what chaos is raging around them. We consider all family compositions when we write our… Continue Reading

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