Sharing the Gospel

Good morning, Five Minute Families. Have you ever heard the words, “I want to be a Christian but I don’t know how?” The simplicity of that question hides the longing and surrender that came before and the further learning that will follow. If you have never had the opportunity to share the gospel message with… Continue Reading

Tea Party

Good morning, Five Minute Families. Kim and I had a wonderful opportunity to go with our two youngest sons on an international mission trip. Our many thanks go out to the local church members who supported us and the entire team. While we may not all be able to go, we can all be mission-minded… Continue Reading

Comfort Zone – Expanded

Good morning, Five Minute Families. We are so glad you are joining us for the third and final devotion in our comfort zone series. If you missed the other two, please check them out on your favorite podcast app or head over to our website Comfort zone has its risks and benefits, and as… Continue Reading

Comfort Zone – Benefits

Good morning, Five Minute Families. Last time we were together, we discussed the risks of staying in the comfort zone. The comfort zone is all about what is known. It is the place or situation in which we feel at ease and without stress. For a reminder, if we fail to heed the risks of… Continue Reading

Why does CVR use a small group model for retreats?

  UNIQUENESS OF SERVICE Many camps and retreats focus either on youth or on adults, but very few focus on both together.  Some youth camps add a “family week” in their schedule, but that week can include hundreds of people.  Families attending a Clear View Retreat would be attending as a family with only four… Continue Reading

Donor and Volunteer Appreciation Weekend – POSTPONED

DONOR AND VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION WEEKEND – POSTPONED Put on your calendars Saturday, April 6 (and all of April 5 – April 7, 2024 if you are available)! NEW DATE TBD CVR is hosting a donor and volunteer appreciation weekend! Join us for all of it or any part that works best for your schedule. For those who are… Continue Reading

Comfort Zone – Risks

Good morning, Five Minute Families. How are you today? We have been under some chaotic, stressful, filled with unknown type of situations recently, and it got us thinking… wouldn’t it be nice for things to be how they were… comfortable, chill, and known? Known… That is what the comfort zone is all about. The known.… Continue Reading


Good morning, Five Minute Families. Have you ever gone snow skiing before? Some people have great spatial and physical awareness. And, for them, skiing becomes a dream of freedom and fun. For others, however, snow skiing when you do not yet have full awareness can be quite frightening. Now, if you have a parent or… Continue Reading

Not Yet

Good morning, Five Minute Families. How are you doing this week? Do you have your daily, intentional family time carved out and part of your routine yet? If not, please take five minutes to go back and listen to the very first Five Minute Family podcast on your favorite podcast player. Our hope for your… Continue Reading


Good morning, Five Minute Families. Do you feel stuck, ill-equipped, or unknowledgeable? Think back to your early years of schooling. You weren’t born knowing how to read; you went through a process to learn how to read. The thing is that most of us forget the process of the things we now know and begin… Continue Reading


Good morning, Five Minute Families. Tying back to our last 2023 devotion about demonstrating emotions, today we want to explore the Bible verses surrounding the appropriateness of emotions themselves. I watched a reel that demonstrated someone coming to their spouse and sharing that the spouse’s behavior had made them feel badly. The spouse immediately got… Continue Reading

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