Work Through Disappointments

TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families. It’s a new month and yet another chance to begin making changes that will impact your family for generations to come. Every day choices become lifetime legacies, and so we encourage you to continue to cultivate grit in yourself and your family for the sake of God’s work in… Continue Reading

Welcome No

TRANSCRIPT:Good morning, Five Minute Families. Do you have grit? No, we don’t mean gritty floors or grit in your eye. We mean the character trait of perseverance, effort, and passion for a particular goal in life. Grit is the buzzword right now. It was once “stick-to-it-ness” or even simply resilience. Whatever you call it, one… Continue Reading

You and Y’all

TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families! Do your kids ask you to tell them jokes? What about riddles? Riddles are especially fun because of the play on words. How do you make a library bigger? How? Add another story. English grammar fascinates me. Word use and history, sentence structure and syntax. All of it. And,… Continue Reading


TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families. I saw a social media post the other day that said, “Fight FOR your family, not WITH your family.” That sentiment is one of the reasons we bring you this devotional spot each week. We want to empower you with practical skills and suggestions to better engage with your… Continue Reading

Seeing Then Believing

TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families. This past Sunday was Easter. We saw a video that used the forward and back way of describing Good Friday. The first reading forward exemplified the disillusion and confusion that the death of Christ brought to those who were observing, but the second reading backward put the truth of… Continue Reading

Passover Seder

Good morning, Five Minute Families! How wonderful it is to be with you this morning. Clear View Retreat is fully opened for the 2021 season, and we are excited for this upcoming year. If you have interest in attending a Family Camp or Marriage Retreat, or any of the other ministry events we host, please… Continue Reading

Teaching Kids about Coveting

TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families. Here’s a question for you, how did you do with examining your own heart for coveting thoughts and evaluating your coveting behavior? God can and will do great and mighty things when we place our trust in Him to bring the items and relationships we need in the moment.… Continue Reading


TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families. How has this past week treated you? We have had many things hit the calendar in the past few days, so our busy level has elevated. Many families live life in a constant state of “busy.” They almost wear “busy” as a badge of honor. One reason busy-ness is… Continue Reading

Family Solidarity

TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families. Thank you for joining us this morning. The citizens of the United States of America have been facing the realities of disunity in recent years. Of course, elements of disunity have always been there, but there are times when disunity rises to a fever-pitched and must be addressed anew.… Continue Reading


TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families. As the weather warmed a little, we had the opportunity this past weekend to work on a couple of projects that we have been putting off. I must admit, I have been disappointed most of the winter that these projects were on hold. I was reminded every time I… Continue Reading

Family Disagreements

TRANSCRIPT: Good morning, Five Minute Families! It is wonderful to join you on this cold, cold morning. We have all spent much of the past year inside with way too much family time. Wait? Did we really just say too much family time? Well, ok, let’s adjust that. Maybe there is not technically too much… Continue Reading

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