Five Minute Family – Social Media

TRANSCRIPT: Take a moment to think about your biggest regret yesterday? Most likely, it involves a close relationship. Stick with us for the next five minutes for Clear View Retreat’s ‘Five Minute Family’ broadcast, and we will help you find new ways to make today, tomorrow, and everyday one without regrets. Good morning, five minute… Continue Reading

Five Minute Family – Digital Fasting

TRANSCRIPT: Each family is unique and made for a purpose. At Clear View Retreat, we celebrate those distinct purposes and hope to illuminate God’s relationship principles to deepen family discipleship and biblical community. Thank you for joining us this week for our radio devotion the ‘Five Minute Family.’ How has your week progressed as you… Continue Reading

Five Minute Family – Valentine’s Day

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to the ‘Five Minute Family’ brought to you by Clear View Retreat, a Christ-centered family retreat ministry. Please join us as we explore various facets of family life during this family-sized radio devotion. You can check out more information about CVR at Alright, let’s dive in. Ah, hello Five Minute Families! How… Continue Reading

Five Minute Family – Digital Connection

TRANSCRIPT: Are you ready to transform your family? Please join us today for Clear View Retreat’s family radio devotion that we call the ‘Five Minute Family.’ Families need to invest time, thought, and initiative into one another, and we spend five minutes here each week looking at different topics and how a ‘Five Minute Family’… Continue Reading

The Five Minute Family

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to the ‘Five Minute Family’ brought to you by Clear View Retreat, a family retreat ministry enlightening God’s relationship principles to families in both the ‘norms’ and ‘storms’ of life. Join us as we explore various aspects of family life. Today, we would like to introduce our concept of the ‘Five Minute Family.’… Continue Reading

Year-end Funk

Do you find yourself in a funk right now? You’re in between Christmas and New Year’s. Maybe the kids are off of school, there is no real routine, motivation has drained away, and you are wondering if you made a difference in 2019. Are you contemplating what you can do better in 2020? Sometimes, life… Continue Reading

An Incremental Move

Thank you, all, for your kind words, prayers, and encouragement during our incremental move. What’s that, you ask? Well, let me explain. In our past moves, we knew the move is coming, so we spent a few months to a year or so preparing the house itself, paring down and packing up belongings, and enjoying… Continue Reading

Fight WITH Fear

     This month we will explore fear in a Christian’s life and the life of their family. God admonishes us ‘do not fear.’ A popular Christian movie shared that God put 365 ‘Do not fears’ in His word. A quick search shows that there is debate about the accuracy of that statement, but the… Continue Reading

Biblical Community – Devotion

Thank you for your patience these last two weeks as we have been transitioning to living near Clear View Retreat full time. Jim has started a new job, and we ask for your prayers as we all adjust to a new schedule.      Now, back to the biblical community blog…      Oh, the… Continue Reading

Biblical Community – Six Flags over Jesus?

     When we moved to TN and were taking care of personal business around town, we had some interesting experiences. One stands out above the rest. While at the DMV, we were making small talk with the clerk, asking where she went to church and she asked the same. We said we were planning… Continue Reading

Biblical Community – One Another

     Imagine a typical Sunday morning scene… friends are walking into church hugging folks they haven’t seen (or thought of) all week. Kiddos are grabbing each others’ hands and running down the hall to go to Sunday School (freedom!). Adults stand in line to get a cup of coffee at the new church coffee… Continue Reading

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